Facilities Sand Management

OGS provides the most efficient solution for the separation and removal of solids from multi-phase fluids. OGS provides the following sand management solutions:

  • Wellhead Desander;
  • Solids Filters;
  • Solids Jetting;
  • Solids Washing Systems;
  • Collection/Transport/Storage.

Produced Water Treatment

OGS provides an efficient, compact and durable produced water treatment system. The hydrocyclone systems are pressure drop dependent, with separation causing the fluids to spin under a centrifugal force.

  • Desander Systems;
  • Deoiler Systems;
  • DGF/IGF Systems;
  • Sump Caissons.

Compact Separation Systems

OGS provides carefully designed compact separation systems. The systems have the capabilities of fluidization, removal, and transport of solids which settle in a variety of production vessels and tanks.

  • Partial Processing;
  • Pre-separation/Dehydration;
  • Extended Well Test Packages;
  • Compact Production & Gassing Systems;
  • Wellhead Gas Desander