For operations requiring more than two tanks of liquid N2, on site nitrogen production has significant advantages. Less handling time, lower costs, safer projects.

OGS provides on-site Nitrogen Production Units complete with all of the required compressors, generators and peripheral equipment, either containerised for in-situ use or truck mounted. We will take care of operational support and logistics anywhere in Australia.

Together with our technology partners, OGS delivers the latest in Nitrogen On Demand systems to the Australian market. Nitrogen On Demand has applications in:Nitrogen Membrane Unit

  • Pipeline pigging and purging;
  • Platform packing and purging;
  • Tank packing and purging;
  • Enhanced oil recovery;Compressors and Accessories
  • Gas lifting;
  • Coil tubing;
  • Under balance drilling;
  • Well clean up;
  • Well stimulation;
  • Drilling services;
  • Offshore support.


Using patented membrane technology, nitrogen can be produced to your exact purity requirements; up to 99.9% pure N2. Bottled nitrogen, whilst relatively economical in small quantities, has disadvantages when used in high quantities or for extended campaigns


  • Unlimited run time- non-stop, 24 hour operations;
  • Single units can produce at flow rates up to 5,000 scfm;
  • Multiple units can produce at flow rates up to 18,000 scfm;
  • High pressures- up to 5,000 psig;
  • Patented membrane technology can produce N2 (up to 99.9% purity);
  • No downtime waiting for liquid nitrogen or bottle changeover;
  • No waste due to N2 boil off.