This includes a grouping of functionality that may include the other areas of Connect, but will also include a range of activities organised by discipline such as:

Civil works

Collecting the information about earthworks, footings and foundations, concrete pours and batch reports etc.


Collecting information about material used in a stick build or modules installed if using a prefabricated approach


Ensuring that mechanical equipment is installed to both manufacturers specification and that of the design engineer for the project


Ensuring that the HVAC system is installed correctly against the design


Checking that pipes have been installed as per the design and that they are mechanically complete


Ensuring that Instrumentation is installed as per their specification and in an undamaged state when handed over to the Commissioning team.


This area includes cable and drum management, distribution board installation, switches and validation that the circuitry is installed as per specification


Much of the above functionality uses Work Packs to organise work into logical groupings and will link the asset hierarchy into a geographical based map of the project site. Defect management is included to manage the resolution of defects or punches.